Staff by Department

Library Administration
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Frandsen, Wendy

Fiscal Manager 474-6696 430
Rosas, Anita

Grants Coordinator 474-5006 211
Shannon, Kit

Interim Director of Libraries
Acquisitions & Technical Services Department Head 474-6194 343 & 433
Acquisitions & Technical Services
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Gard, Dee

Library Technician 474-6428 344
Gillette, Lance

Library Technician 474-7206 344
Komkai, Glyn

Library Technician 474-5705 344
Singler, Sue

Library Technician 474-6693 344
Alaska & Polar Regions Books, Maps, and Periodical Collection
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Arndt, Katherine

Associate Professor and Bibliographer and Curator of Rare Books 474-6671 231
Falk, Marvin

Professor Emeritus, Rare Books and Maps 474-5915 203A
Alaska & Polar Regions Collections and Archives
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Speranza, Rose

Assistant Archivist 474-2791 214A
Thompson, Marjorie

Manager, Digital Photographic Services 474-6344 334
Alaska Film Archives
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Schmidt, Angela

Film Archivist, Alaska Film Archives 474-5357 345
Teague, Derwin

Library Technician, Film Archives 474-7237 348
Alaska Native Language Archive
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Berge, Anna

Director of the Alaska Native Language Archives (ANLA)
Professor of Linguistics 474-5351 232
Puthuval, Sarala

ANLA Collection Manager 474-7436 109
Manuscripts/Photographs/University Records
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Butler, Becky

Assistant Archivist 474-6688 509
Morris, Lisa

Processing Assistant 474-1895 213
Oral History
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Brewster, Karen

Research Associate, Oral History Program 474-6672 229A
Henszey, Joann

Processing Technician, Oral History Program 474-6672 229
McCartney, Leslie

Associate Professor and Oral History Curator, Oral History Program 474-7737 229B
Russell, Robyn

Collection Manager, Oral History Program 474-6773 219A
Interlibrary Loan
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Krick, Brad

Library Technician 474-6069 320
O'Brien, Katherine

Borrowing Technician 474-1550 320
Sullivan, Colleen

Lending Technician, Interlibrary Loan 474-5348 320
Collection Development
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Jensen, Karen

Professor and Collection Development Officer 474-6695 417A
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Adasiak, Paul

Public Services Coordinator,
Collections & Access Services 474-5354 428
Andrews, Robin

Library Technician, Circulation 474-6699 424
Ginnaty, Jenna

Library Technician, Circulation and Acquisitions & Technical Services 474-6539 344
Hassel, Jim

Evening/Weekend Library Technician, Circulation 474-7023 422
Johnson, Marie

Manager, Video Collections 474-7024 417C
Marks, Kari

Circulation Supervisor 474-6698 424
Van Dyck, Chris

Media Technician/Media Supervisor, Circulation 474-7023 422
Information Technology
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Bywater, Casey

Desktop Support Technician 474-5364 373B
Digou, Lisa

Database Administrator 474-7775 373B
Ellanna, Dayne

Systems Administrator/Programmer 474-1128 381
Forshaw, Bob
  • IT Manager
  • Statewide Coordinator, Alaska’s Digital Archives 474-7921 341
Kristeller, Peter

Digital Preservation Technician 474-6874 373C
Rutherford, Walter

Systems Administrator/Digital Preservation Professional 474-5035 373A
Research Help
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Boisvert Janz, Cheri

Adjunct Instructor 474-7481
Humrickhouse, Liz

Adjunct Instructor 474-7481
Kingsley, Ilana

Associate Professor & Web Librarian 474-7518 449
Rinio, Deborah

Adjunct Instructor 474-7481
Science Research Help
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Hunt, Steven

Assistant Professor and Science Librarian 474-1177 Mather 202C
Off-Campus Library Services
Name Title E-mail Phone Room
Rinio, Tyson

Associate Professor & Off-Campus Librarian 474-7406 443A