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Information about the new Library Catalog

"Peabody Library Card Catalog" photo by Kimberly Vardeman

The Rasmuson Library and the Mather (G.I.) Library recently joined the ALC, or Alaska Library Catalog, consortium, a statewide borrowing/lending network. You can now easily search the holdings of 87 Alaskan libraries (serving over 90% of Alaskans) in a single catalog -- and have your picks sent to whichever library you choose.

With the ALC, you can:

  • Search just one library, search special Rasmuson collections, or search all ALC libraries at once and limit to certain libraries after.
  • Get near-matches on hard-to-spell words, search books by ISBN and periodicals by ISSN, and limit your search to items currently available.
  • Place a hold on a title whether it's checked out or it's on the shelf, using your library ID (usually your UA ID number) and your PIN.
  • Pick up your hold at whichever library you choose, and return it to whichever library is convenient.
  • With one login, review and renew your checkouts from all ALC libraries, keep lists of titles to read or watch, or change your default pick-up location.

Important things to know:

  • If you don't know your PIN, you can get it from staff at the Rasmuson's Circulation counter or by calling 907-474-6762. Each UA user may have one additional account with an Alaskan public library; with proper ID we can get you your PIN, but we cannot make changes to your public-library account.
  • Checkout periods are set by the OWNING library, not by Rasmuson, and our users are subject to those libraries' limitations. Most other ALC libraries are public, not academic, and are unlikely to allow longer checkouts to graduate students or faculty.
  • Many other libraries impose late fees! Even though we don't impose them at Rasmuson, and they don't at FNSB Public, others do -- and we are obliged to collect those fees before letting you check out from us. Please mind your due dates.
  • Each user is limited to ten (10) simultaneous holds on items from other libraries.
  • Many libraries impose a six-month freeze on the cross-library borrowing of new materials so that their own, local patrons have a chance to use them first. Don't be surprised if you can't place a hold on the newest, hottest titles. Interlibrary Loan is still an option! In fact, if you need a title already held by an ALC library, but you're in a hurry, you can submit an ILL request specifying a 'needed by' date and placing a note in the 'Notes' field. Our ILL office will try to borrow from a library that will send by faster shipping. If you need an article or chapter scanned, please use Interlibrary Loan to make the request and the ILL office will be able to get your item as a PDF within 1-3 days.

If you have questions or need help with using the new Library Catalog, contact a UAF librarian.

This page was last modified on August 27, 2018