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Don't Forget to Enroll in a LS101 Class

Did You Know

  • Passing LS101 is a required course for UAF Bachelor's and Associate degrees
  • Many students forget to take LS101 or (or take the test-out exam) and there's a last minute rush to fulfill this credit
  • It's best to complete LS101 in your first or second year of college
  • You can test out of LS101
  • LS101 is a one credit course that runs for approximately six weeks

Don't delay graduating! Enroll in an LS101 course for Spring 2020.

For details about LS101 & the test-out option, see our LS101 (Library Science Class) page.

To see which classes have seats available in Spring 2020, see the UAF Course Finder.

Sign up for LS101 today

This page was last modified on January 5, 2020