The UAF Journals List

Learn about: How to determine what periodicals Rasmuson Library owns and where they can be located, including shelf locations for those available in paper or microform, or links to those accessible on the Internet.

Frequently when you use a periodical index or database like Academic Search Premier or Article 1st the full-text of the article will be included in that index, so that you can display and read the article with a simple click of your mouse. But what do you do if only the citation or abstract is available in the index but the full-text article isn't there?

This reading explains how to use the UAF Journals List and also the Library Catalog, to see if the UAF Libraries subscribe to a periodical that you need.

Periodicals may be in a variety of forms: paper, microform or electronic (on the web). No matter what the format, if the UAF Libraries are currently receiving a periodical physically or if we have access to it through an article database, that periodical will be listed in the UAF Journals List

The UAF Journals List identifies periodicals by their titles, not by their topics. So you must know which periodical, newspaper, or journal you need before you can successfully search the UAF Journals List. As you will recall, the title of the periodical is often identified as the SOURCE in the citations in article databases.

For example, if you want to read the article "The Theft of Saharan Rock-Art" by Jeremy Keenan in the periodical Antiquity, volume 74, no. 284, page 287, published in 2000, you would search for the title Antiquity in the UAF Journals List.

To find the UAF Journals List, go to the UAF Rasmuson Library's website and look at the "Journal Titles" section. You can then type a journal title into the search box. 

When you do a search for Antiquity, the results will include all periodicals with that specific word in its title:


The periodical we want is the second one in that list. You can see that Antiquity is available in three different databases: Academic Search Premier, Religion & Philosophy Collection, and Wilson Select Plus (OCLC). Notice that there are some differences in the years of Antiquity that are covered in each of these indexes. It is available from 2001 up to the past 6 months in both Academic Search Premier and in the Religion & Philosophy Collection. The "embargo" note means that there is a delay of 6 months before recent articles are available in those databases or indexes. Issues from 2000-2003 are available in Wilson Select Plus.


Now we know by reading this screen in detail that we can find the article "The Theft of Saharan Rock-Art" from a 2000 issue of Antiquity in the Wilson Select Plus database, but not in Academic Search Premier or Religion & Philosophy Collection because they don't contain the issues from 2000. We can click on the link to Wilson Select Plus, and will probably have to repeat the search for Antiquity after connecting to Wilson Select Plus.

Before you search the UAF Journals List, make sure you have a citation for the article you need, including the periodical title, date, volume, and issue.

One of the entries for Antiquity included this information: "Rasmuson Library: Paper currently received - For holdings information see Library Catalog." This means Rasmuson Library receives Antiquity as a paper subscription in addition to database access. You can use the Library Catalog to search for Antiquity (use the periodical title search) to see which volumes and years are available physically in Rasmuson Library.


The fourth periodical in this list is the one we want, so click on the "Details" screen to find more information about precisely which years of it are in the Rasmuson Library.


Focus on the "Holdings" lines near the bottom of the screen. They indicate that the Rasmuson Library has one issue from December of 1932, plus volumes and issues from 1950 through June, 2005. So we could also find the 2000 volume of Antiquity on shelves in our Library. We would use the call number CC1.A7 to find the physical issues in the Periodical Collection on Level 3 of our library.

To recap, when you have a citation for an article in a periodical, but the full-text of the article is not included in the index or database you have searched, you should:

  1. Search for the SOURCE or Periodical Title in the UAF Journals List
  2. Read the information carefully to see if the year you need is available in any online indexes or databases
  3. If it is, follow the link to that index or database
  4. If the periodical is in the Rasmuson Library, follow the link to the Library Catalog. Then repeat the search for the periodical title, and read the Holdings information carefully to see if we own the year you need and where it is located

If the periodical you need is not listed in either the UAF Journals List or in the catalog, please use the Interlibrary Loan service to request a copy of the article from another library.

This page was last modified on April 27, 2015