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About the Rasmuson Library

The Elmer E. Rasmuson Library is located on the main University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.  The library contains more than 2.2 million items and subscribes to more than 172 online databases,many FULL-TEXT. Rasmuson is the largest library in the state of Alaska.

The Rasmuson Library has one of the world's finest collections of Alaska and Polar Regions (APR) materials including books, periodicals, photography, manuscripts, films, oral histories, rare books, and maps. The collections are centered on Alaska but include many items about the Circumpolar North and Antarctica. Subject bibliographers, archivists, anthropologists and historians on the APR staff are available for reference and research assistance.

Register for your Library Card

Distance Students, Faculty and Staff will need to register for Interlibrary Loan

Starting Your Research

Need Books?

  • The UAF Library Catalog can be used to locate not only what is owned by the Rasmuson Library but what is owned by all the sites in the University of Alaska Fairbanks system.
  • If you don't find what you need, try WorldCat and we will borrow the book from another library. WorldCat contains the holdings of more that 21,000 libraries worldwide.

Do you need background information?

  • Search databases, such as Academic Search Premier, or an encyclopedia such as Encyclopedia Britannica.

Need Articles? Select a Database.

  • Rasmuson online databases can be accessed via the Subject Guides page or the Databases by Title page from the UAF Rasmuson Library website.

    From Subject Guides page, select a subject relevant to your topic. 

    Subject guides page

    Then, look for the Best Bets for Finding Articles section to find a database containing journal articles.


  • Start with databases that offer online full-text articles, such as Academic Search Premier, MasterFILE Premier, Electronic collections Online (ECO), WilsonSelect Plus, or Periodical Abstracts (PerAbs).
  • Is your topic part of an academic discipline, such as education, science, mathematics, social sciences?

    Example: "Teaching children to read" is in the discipline of education; "Water pollution in the Great Lakes" is a science topic.

    => Choose a Specialized Database such as ERIC or Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management.
    => Search Academic Search Premier. This is a collection of full-text subject databases in education, social sciences, science and humanities.

  • Is your topic interdisciplinary? Does it bridge more than one discipline?

    Example: "Employee supervision in schools" bridges the disciplines of education and management.

    => Search a Multi-Disciplinary Database such as Academic Search Premier or Expanded Academic ASAP.
    => You may also search two or more Specialized Databases, such as ERIC and Business Source Premier.

  • Do you still need more information after searching the full-text databases?

    Search a large research databasesuch as:

    • ERIC
    • MLA Bibliography
    • PsycINFO
    • Sociological Abstracts.
  • Some databases provide only citations and abstracts for journal articles, not full-text, so you will need to obtain the articles from a library. However, ERIC, PsycInfo and Sociological Abstracts link to full-text items from other databases by the same vendor.

UAF Journals List

The UAF Journals List identifies periodicals by their titles, not by their topics, so you must know which periodical, newspaper, or journal you need before you can successfully search the UAF Journals List. Use the UAF Journals List to find full-text journal articles in journals the Library subscribes to online. Or, browse an issue of your favorite journal online. Access the UAF Journals List via the Rasmuson Library website. Learn how to use The UAF Journals List.

Interlibrary Loan

  • ILL documents (articles, etc...) are posted online whenever possible. Documents are viewed on the Internet not sent as e-mail attachments. You will be notified via email when a document is available online via Illiad for you to view. To access your electronic documents log into your ILLiad account and click on the button "View/Download Electronically Received Articles."
  • You will also receive an email notification informing you that items (such as books, videos, etc.) have been mailed to you via USPS.
  • The computer you are using must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed. We suggest having the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed to assure compatibility. The current version is available for free at the Adobe web site.

Access Library Resources from Off-Campus

Rasmuson Library provides access to many of our resources from off-campus. In order to access these resources from off-campus, you will need to log in using your UA  username and password (this is the same username/password you use when logging into the UA Portal, Blackboard, or UA Gmail).

When logging into library resources from off-campus, you should see a page similar to the screenshot below.

If you have difficulties accessing the library's online resources read Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access.

UA E-mail Account

UAF has moved to Google Apps, which includes Email, Calendar and Docs. This means you can login once to access all Google Apps features using your UA username and password. This is the same username and password that you use to log into Blackboard or the MyUA Portal.

"UAF uses e-mail to communicate with students on many important matters. E-mail is often the only way some information is distributed, so it is important that you regularly check your university e-mail address or forward mail from your UAF address to an address you check frequently.

All UAF students, staff and faculty are eligible for an email account at Google Apps@ UA, free-of-charge. The university automatically assigns each student an official UAF e-mail account when the student enrolls. You are responsible for knowing -- and, when appropriate, acting on -- the contents of all university communications sent to your official UAF e-mail account."

  • Find Your UA Username and Activate Your Email Account Thru ELMO
  • Your UA username and password allows you to access library resources from off-campus.
  • Contact the UAF's OIT (Computing) Help Desk at 907-474-6564, toll-free at 1-800-478-4667 (within Alaska) or via email at for assistance, if required.

UA Google Apps

Use your UA username and password to sign into your UAF Google Email account directly via Google Apps@UA at

Contact the UAF's OIT (Computing) Help Desk at 907-474-6564, toll-free at 1-800-478-4667 (within Alaska) or via email at for assistance, if required.

Forward Google Mail to Another Account

If you want to receive university communications at a different e-mail address, you need to forward e-mail from your assigned UAF account to an e-mail address of your choice.

  • From your Google Mail account, click on "Settings", then "Forwarding and POP/IMAP."
  • Select "Forward a Copy of Incoming Mail to" and enter your preferred email address.
  • Be sure to "Save Changes."

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