Citation Style Guides for Academic Papers and Other Publications

When writing citations, your goal is to lead the reader of your paper to the same sources that you used.

Depending on your discipline (arts & humanities, sciences, engineering, etc.), you will use a specific citation style guide and specific edition of the style guide (e.g., APA 6th edition, MLA 8th edition, CSE, etc.) Each citation style guide uses a specific format to cite articles, books, book chapters, web sites, dissertations, and much more! Your professor will tell you which citation style guide to use; if they don't and you're unsure which to use, ask your professor.

Below are links to different citation style guides.

APA | Chicago/Turabian | MLA | CSE

APA (American Psychological Association) Style

Chicago/Turabian Style

(Note: Turabian's A Manual for Writer of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations is commonly known as the "baby" Chicago Style Manual, as it is based on The Chicago Manual of Style but does not go in depth into topics such as book publishing that the Chicago Style Manual does.)

MLA Style

CSE Style

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