Hooking up the hybrid coupler to record a phone interview

The following instructions below will tell you how to hookup the library's hybrid coupler to your phone, so that you can record phone conversations - note, the below instructions only work on ANALOG phones; UAF Telephone Services is increasingly installing DIGITAL phone lines. If your phone extension is NEW, you may have a digital line. Telephone Services can tell you which you have. The equipment you need looks like this:

Gentner Hybrid Coupler

RJ 11 Telephone Cord

RCA red/white audio cord

  • An rj-11 telephone cord goes from the wall telephone jack to the line jack on the coupler.
  • An rj-11 telephone cord goes from the telephone set to the “set” jack on the coupler.
  • An audio cord (with single mono jack) goes from the “receive” jack on the coupler to the left “line in” jack on the Marantz 620. You can also use the white jack of the red /white audio cord to plug into the left “line in”.
  • Call the person – you should be able to hear them and see the response on the audio meter on the 620, as long as the switch stays on “tap”, and the 620’s “display” button is selected to the audio meter. Try a test recording to be sure.
This page was last modified on December 1, 2014