How do I search for archival materials at the Rasmuson Library?

We have several ways to find this information. The three main places to try are:

Conveniently, we have some records digitized and available on Alaska's Digital Archives and we suggest looking there to begin. Alaska's Digital Archives is a consortium of libraries and archives across the state who have all contributed some of their images to an online database. This means you can find images from many institutions in Alaska in one place.

You can also look for photo and manuscript collections in Star Archives.

Books, rare maps, Oral Histories, etc. can be found via the Library Catalog. Type the words you want to search for into the appropriate boxes and then from the search limit "location" choose "UAF - Level 2 - _____".  The blank underline stands for whatever specific thing you're looking for. Level 2 of the library is all material related to Alaska or archival collections. So it's a good way to limit your search results quickly. Often, using the same search term but switching between these different location choices to see what kinds of material results you’re getting can be beneficial to understanding your search results.

Limit your search to items on Level 2 Rasmuson Library


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This page was last modified on April 6, 2017