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Course-Related Instruction Request Form

Course-related instruction sessions offer hands-on instruction on resources and search strategies appropriate to a particular discipline and/or class project or assignment. Classes usually meet in the Rasmuson Library computer lab (Room 301), however we can also come to your classroom.

Faculty/Instructors/TAs may email Ilana Kingsley at or use this form to schedule class visits.

When planning your request please consider the following suggestions:

  • Two weeks advance notice is greatly appreciated. The sooner you call the more likely we can accommodate your schedule and have adequate preparation time for your class.
  • Library faculty will customize the presentation to fit the needs of your students if you outline the particular subjects, materials, and online resources you wish to have covered. Please provide relevant information that will assist the librarian preparing to teach your class.
Your first and last name
Your email address
A phone number where we can reach you
Name of the course you're teaching
Number of the course as it appears in the catalog
Your department
Approximate number of students we'll be teaching
Is this a face-to-face or online class?
Preferred date for instruction
Time you'd like us to start instruction
Time instruction will end
A second date in case we can't accommodate your preferred date
Please give a brief overview of the class assignment
List any other topics/resources you'd like us to cover
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