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InterLibrary Loan Borrowing Policies

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All UAF students, staff, faculty, emeritus faculty and current alumni association members are eligible for Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Fairbanks area government employed researchers may also request work related materials. Fairbanks North Star Borough Library patrons are not eligible for ILL through UAF but are encouraged to use the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) Library's ILL service. You must have a Polar Express card or library ID card, be in good standing, have no overdues, fines, or other blocks. We do not limit the number of items a person may request and make every effort to process requests as quickly as possible on a first come first serve basis but, we may process large batches of requests in smaller amounts over several days if necessary during busy times.

Items Owned by UAF Libraries

The purpose of Rasmuson Library's Interlibrary Loan service is to obtain items not owned by UAF libraries to support the educational mission of UAF. Items owned by the UAF libraries that are currently in use should not be requested through Interlibrary Loan, but instead those items may be recalled through Circulation at 474-7481 or Items needed by an entire class or study group should be put on library reserve by the instructor, rather than borrowing multiple copies through Interlibrary Loan. Recommendations for the purchase of items to be added to our collection may be sent directly to the Collection Development office at:

Fees and Charges

We attempt to obtain materials free of charge whenever possible, including going to lenders other than those the requesting person may expect. We will absorb most fees associated with transactions, but in cases where fees are excessive, we may have to ask you to pay. We will always contact you first if this is the case.

Borrower's Responsibilities

Please remember that Interlibrary Loan items are different from other library books because they do not belong to us. The library that sent the item has complete authority over the due date and restrictions on use. It is your responsibility to return your loans by the due date, or to request renewal through us before the item is due. Failure to return interlibrary loan items often results in our library being denied making further requests from the same library. If you know you will be needing something beyond the due date listed on your online account (or label on the front cover of your item,) then please request a renewal when your notified via email regarding the item coming due.

Email Notices

You are responsible for checking your email account for ILL notices. We prefer to use email for our automatic notices as we can be sure that the intended recipient actually gets the message. If you're having trouble with your email, let us know.

Recalled Items

The lending library may at any time issue a recall for an item that has been loaned to us. We will contact you and ask you to return the item immediately. Please honor any recall we place and return the item as soon as possible. We can try to obtain the same item from another library if necessary.

Non-pickup of Items

Items which have not been picked up by the borrower will be returned to the lending library on the date that they are due. Please pick up your ILLs as soon as possible so that you will have the maximum amount of time to use them. Remember that not all items may be renewed. If you no longer need an item, please notify us and we will return it for you.

Lost or Damaged Items

Please take extra special care of your ILL items. If they are damaged or lost while you have them, you are responsible for all replacement costs and associated fees as determined by the lending library.

Overdue Items

Failure to return your ILL item on time will result in your being blocked from all library privileges until the item is returned. Continued failure to return an ILL item will result in you being invoiced for a lost item at $60 per item or the replacement cost charged by the lending library, whichever is greater. If you are invoiced, you will also be blocked from placing interlibrary loan requests for 60 days from the date the item is returned. Unpaid invoices are turned over to the University business office for collection and will result in a financial block on your UAF records.

Maximum Number Of Requests For The Same Item

Due to the high cost of Interlibrary Loan service, patrons may request the same item a maximum number of three times. If you find that you need an item multiple times, please make arrangements to duplicate the portions you need for your research use, or make a suggestion to the Collection Development officer that the item be purchased for the library's collection.

Borrowing Textbooks

ILL resources are not to be used to request copies of textbooks for use in your classes.

This page was last modified on July 18, 2013