About Us

The Ted Stevens Papers Collection documents the career of Theodore Fulton (Ted) Stevens (1923-2010), Senator from the State of Alaska from 1968-2009, the longest-serving Republican member of the United States Congress. Stevens was a leading force in the creation of legislation concerning Alaska’s economic, social and cultural development.

The collection, measuring nearly 5000 cubic feet in its entirety, contains the history of Stevens’ long senatorial career, and chronicles Alaska’s transition from a newly-minted state to a significant player in US history. Documents within the collection relate to the administrative, legislative and political functions of Stevens’ office.

The Ted Stevens Papers, deposited with the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2009, are currently being preserved and arranged to make the collection accessible to the public, and ensure that this valuable portion of Alaska’s past is available into the future. Certain portions of the collection, such as correspondence from private citizens to Senator Stevens, will remain confidential to protect privacy. Other parts of the collection that are not restricted will be reviewed and made available as soon as archival processing is complete, with priority given to photographs and media.

The Ted Stevens Papers Project is funded by BP, the Pollock Conservation Council and the Ted Stevens Foundation.

For information on the Ted Stevens Papers Project or the website, contact Elsie Eckman, Ted Stevens Project Archivist at eeeckman@alaska.edu or 907.474.7947.